Estate Planning

Skilled Guidance In Custom Estate Planning

Estate planning can mean a one-time, one-hour visit to a law office to create a power of attorney and living will. Estate planning can be a meeting to create a simple will. Your estate planning may include putting your house into a transfer on death deed, nominating your personal representative or finally putting down on paper who will care for your children should the unthinkable happen.

Each person and family has different goals and different needs. I am Christopher Graham, and as the Estate Planning Section Chief at Bailey Law Firm, I have worked with many individuals and families to plan for the future.

Who Needs A Will?

Many people realize they need a will, but they often put it off thinking they can do it when they are older, when they accumulate more money or once their investments reach a certain amount. The truth is anyone, and I mean anyone, can benefit from taking the time to create a legally viable will. While there are some firms and online services that offer simple, one-size-fits-all estate planning, it is my contention that you get what you pay for.

Arizona law requires certain steps (regarding witnesses, “self-proving” and notarization, for example) to be taken thus ensuring a valid will. I will sit down and take the time to find out about your goals and wishes and then together we can create a plan that works for you.

A Word About Trusts

One of the common misconceptions about trusts is that only very wealthy people can benefit from this estate planning tool. The truth is that anyone can benefit from a trust to protect their assets and ensure that they are preserved and distributed the way one wants it to be. The beauty of trusts is that they are highly customizable. Depending on your goals, lifestyle and the people in your life, you and your family may benefit from setting up a trust. I will work with you to create a custom estate plan such as:

We can discuss your family’s needs and how to best provide for those needs. While there are many attorneys and firms that can do estate planning, my only focus is estate planning. For over a decade I have helped people use the resources available to help and care for their beloved elderly family members, and to devise customized estate plans they need to alleviate any worries.

Reach Out For Personalized Estate Planning

If you need a will, trust or help with Arizona probate, administration or related issues, I can assist. With over a decade of experience, I can help you understand the process, your options and what outcomes to expect in almost any scenario.

Call 480-640-3900 or email me your questions and contact information. I offer confidential, personal and compassionate legal guidance and assistance.